'12 Days of Christmas' Becomes a Stalker Tale in Hilarious Film From Anomaly

Phoebe Waller-Bridge Narrates Modern-Day Version of the Holiday Gifting Saga

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Dec 12, 2016

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Anomaly London imagines how "The 12 Days of Christmas" would play out in a modern setting in a hilarious holiday film. Narrated by actor Phoebe Waller-Bridge, a breakout U.K. star this year thanks to her TV show "Fleabag," the animated tale is subtitled "12 Days of Avian Misery" and tells the story of a woman whose "true love" has all the things from the Christmas song delivered to her one bedroom London apartment.

The story reveals the romantic gifting strategy in the song as insane and stalker-ish in 21st-century terms; we watch the heroine's reactions go from initially feeling flattered to horrified as poultry, animals and finally people invade her flat. Then, it's finally all-out rage, which leads to her breaking off the relationship -- via phone calls to the police and Amnesty International.

The film was written, animated, produced and directed in-house at Anomaly. Oli Beale, executive creative director, said: "At Anomaly, if we find something interesting or funny or entertaining or bird-related, we just like to make it. And we have the people here needed to bring almost anything to life. (Within reason. We're not going to, like, invent a new space ship or something. But production wise, we can do the full shebang.) This is our gift of entertainment to the nation this Christmas."


Dec 12, 2016

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