You Can't See a Thing in Rustlers' VR Experience (But That's the Point)

360-Degree Video Is Set in London's Great Smog of 1952

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Feb 15, 2017

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With 360-degree virtual reality web films all the rage among advertisers at the moment, U.K. burger brand Rustlers has also decided to have a go at making one. But there's something a little different about its walking tour of London -- you can't see a thing.

The whole point of the 10-minute video, by Droga5 London, is that it's a walking tour set in 1952 during London's Great Smog -- so, as the cheery-voiced narrator waxes lyrical about the marvelous vistas from Waterloo Bridge and the amazing sight of sailors waving from HMS Belfast, all we see is a pair of feet surrounded by grey cloud.

The film ends by pointing out that in 2017, you don't have to worry about smog at all, and you an also have Rustlers' flame grilled burgers,, which are ready in 90 seconds. It concludes with the line "what a time to be alive," which was first introduced in Droga5's launch campaign for the brand from November. That ad humorously recreated an 80-year-old man's grim life of suffering and misery -- until he discovered Rustlers.

The quirky approach is aimed at engaging the brand with 16-24 year olds -- to whom, bombarded with VR from other advertisers, this might just appeal.

Droga5's chief creative officer David Kolbusz commented "VR is the future. Rustlers is the present. London's Great Smog is the past. We've taken past, present, and future and fused them together to bring you one of the most technologically advanced experiences you're likely to have all afternoon."