This Bank Bought Out Every Single Commercial Break on One TV Channel for 24 Hours

DNB Crowdsources Content to Promote Round-the-Clock Customer Service

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Nov 06, 2014

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To raise awareness of its round-the-clock customer service, Norwegian Bank DNB bought every single commercial break for 24 hours on Norway's biggest commercial TV channel, TV2. It then filled the space with user-generated content.

The bank, working with agency Try/Apt, invited Norwegians to film and share their best advice on anything they could think of (the videos range from a little girl with a black eye warning you not to play with the shopping carts at Ikea, to a mother warning husbands not to stray). DNB received more than 3,000 clips and chose to air roughly one third of them, creating over two-and-a-half hours of content.

According to the just-released case study video above, awareness of DNB's 24-hour customer service rocketed from 35% to 72% in Norway in the wake of the commercial-break take-over.