This 360-Degree Video Works Sort of Like VR Without the Bulky Headset

Promotion for Google Play Video From Big Spaceship and Fake Love Breaks New Ground

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Oct 22, 2015
360 Degree Video

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Creative agency Big Spaceship and experiential design agency Fake Love have created a 360-degree video experience for Google Play Music that lives on YouTube like a standard video, but lets viewers move through and around the filmic environment. By using a left/right/up/down control embedded in the upper-left corner of the video on desktop, or by simply tilting their mobile device, viewers can shift their vantage point on the fly without donning bulky VR headsets.

According to a joint statement from the agencies, the video is meant "to show that Google Play has music for everything you do." In just under two and a half minutes, the video moves through three settings -- a loft (where a dance party starts up), a car and a beach house -- to convey the sense that there's a "perfect Google Play station for every moment, move and journey." Each segment has its own soundtrack and label -- Moving Day Madness Radio, The Perfect Drive Radio and Your Own Indie Rom Com Radio -- and viewers can manipulate their vantage point at any moment in every scene.

The joint Big Spaceship/Fake Love team leveraged YouTube's 360-degree production capabilities, using a custom array of 4k cinema cameras and special proprietary software for "real-time optics compensation" to make the magic.


Oct 22, 2015
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Google Play Music
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Google Play Music
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Big Space Ship
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Fake Love

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