Amazon Launches a 3D Printing Store

Shoppers Can Order Custom Bobbleheads, Tech Accessories and More

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Jul 28, 2014
3D Printing Store

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Amazon has now added 3D printed goods to its offerings with the launch of its own virtual 3D printing store. The company encourages shoppers to "shop the future today," and order custom or pre-made goods ranging from jewelry to home decor to tech accessories. Make a mini-me bobblehead, decorate your wall with a hanging "Dawg" sculpture and more. To "stock" the storefront, Amazon has partnered with a number of manufacturers and distributors, including 3DLT and Mixee Labs.

At this point, customers are unable to upload their own designs, already sparking some complaints from shoppers like the following: "What is the point of offering 3D printing if you can't print whatever you want? Might as well not call it 3D printing."

Amazon's move comes about year after eBay launched its own 3D printing app Exact for iOS-- a pilot from the company's Innovations and New Ventures group. It ran from July to November 2013.

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