Suntory : 3D on the Rocks

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Mar 26, 2015

Editor's Pick

This week at the Asia Pacific Advertising Festival in Pattaya, Thailand, better known as "Adfest," innovative digital, multiplatform work for Suntory whisky helped earn the brand the honor of Advertiser of the Year.

The Hibiki Harmony Bar With Hibiki Glass, created out of Kettle, Hakuhodo earned Grande Lotus prizes in both the "Innova" (innovation) category as well as in the Lotus Roots category --awarded to the work that best represents its country's local culture. The effort involved an interactive whisky glass that allowed drinkers to control the facade of a massive digital installation in a bar by tilting it, drinking from it, blowing on it and more. In doing so, they created a fantastic display of Japan's changing seasons. A film was created to showcase the idea, and the brand plans to hold events where consumers can experience the glass for themselves.

Another, "3D on the Rocks," out of TBWA/Hakuhodo, involved the creation of super-intricate 3D printed ice cubes, whether they be of a famous Japanese temple or the Statue of Liberty. The brand then invited consumers to design their own cubes, and the winning designers were invited to an event during which they could enjoy Suntory on their unique "rock."

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