Logo Aside, Clinton Campaign's 404 Message Is Pretty Creative

Donald Duck Photo Is a Real Winner

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Apr 14, 2015

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While people of the internet have made a big to-do about Hillary Clinton's Presidential campaign logo (see that, and its competitors, here), it's hard to take issue with the campaign's 404 message page, which features a surprisingly candid peek at the Clintons when they're not being THE Clintons. It displays the message "Oops, that link wasn't what it was quacked up to be" underneath a photo of Hillary, Bill and Chelsea smiling big while posing with Donald Duck, wearing Donald Duck hats.

Of the other presidential candidates, Marco Rubio made his own attempt at 404 innovation with a video page stating "Fumble! You seem a little lost." But it's accompanied by what feels like it's own fumble, a heavy-handed promotional video starring "Coach Marco" imparting life lessons he learned from football to little leaguers.