Havaianas : 50 Years

A half-century of colorful Brazilian footwear.

Published On
Jul 30, 2012

Editor's Pick

Who knew a simple flip-flop could have such a rich history? Havaianas -- Brazil's choice of flip-flops -- is celebrating its 50th birthday, and to mark the incredible impact the accessory has had on Brazilian culture (and beyond), AlmapBBDO launched this gorgeous animated short that melds together fantasy and reality brilliantly.

The film starts with a fantastical reimagining of how Havaianas became the colorful sandals that everyone loves, with a journey of a heavenly sandal-making assembly line in the heavens. Then, it veers into a more realistic (yet still amazing) story about the sandal's history and place in Brazilian fashion. The brand has also launched a limited edition UNICEF sandal where 100% of sales will be donated to the charity.