Explore Fifty Years of Martin Agency Work on Its Anniversary Website

Responsive Design Leads to a Treasure Trove of Ads

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Jan 12, 2016
50th Anniversary Website

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The Martin Agency has created a beautifully designed website to celebrate its 50th annniversary. The site lets you explore the agency's work, origins and history using a responsive timeline that expands when you click on a key period.

The clever design is based on the insight that a thread runs through everything it has done, from its early years as a local Virginia shop to national success and then global expansion. From its first ever ads for clients like Virginia Tourism to its recent famous work for the likes of Geico, this is a treasure trove of Martin history -- and a snapshot of the history of the industry too. The "thread" theme follows that also featured in a 50th anniversary book the agency also created.


Jan 12, 2016
Agency :
The Martin Agency
Chief Creative Officer :
Joe Alexander
Digital Producer :
Andrew Bailey
Copywriter :
Steve Bassett
Director, Design :
Josh Corliss
Creative Director, UX :
JoRoan Lazaro
Designer :
Lauren Erickson
Designer :
Sarah Berkheimer
Designer :
Whitney McCall
UX Designer :
Yuwei Fu
Executive Digital Producer :
Kim Zaninovich
Digital Studio Director :
Emily Eldridge
Technology Director :
Jeremy Misavage
Senior Developer :
Robert Lavoie
Quality Assurance Manager :
Andy Bupp
Associate Quality Assurance Analyst :
Thomas Carroll
Animation :
Hue & Cry
Animator :
Timo Prousalis
Associate Creative Director :
Evan Parsons
Senior Producer :
Whitney Green

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