Absolut Adds A Unique Touch Of Blue to Four Million Bottles

Latest Limited Edition Bottle Infuses Cobalt Into Molten Glass

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Sep 27, 2013

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Last year, Absolut Vodka brought the idea of originality to 4 million bottles with its "Absolut Unique" campaign, for which it re-engineered its bottling plant to create limited edition containers, each with different designs. The liquor brand brings a twist to the idea in 2013, with Absolut Originality. Another four million bottles will have individual designs, this time featuring a one-of-a-kind drop of cobalt blue infused into the molten glass during production. The design was inspired by a traditional Swedish craft, in which the cobalt is added just as the molten glass goes into the mould at 1100 degrees celsius. At that temperature, the cobalt is invisible, but as the glass cools off, the blue infusion appears inside the glass of each bottle.