Absolut : Unique -- Best of 2012 Integrated/IX #9

A very special bottle.

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Sep 04, 2012

Editor's Pick

Next time you get a bottle of Absolut Vodka, pay special attention to the package -- it's one in 4 million. That's the number of unique bottles the company has created in its production plant in Sweden, which will begin distribution in the coming weeks. For a brand that has always been known for its support of the arts, it was the perfect evolution -- and so this effort is No. 9 in our Best of 2012 countdown in the integrated and interactive category.

At the plant, splash guns and color-generation machines were set up to ensure that just like snowflakes, no two bottles are alike. Each will be individually number and distributed in 80 markets around the world. Agencies that worked on the project include Sweden's Family Business, Great Works and Jung Relations PR. Read more about the effort in behind the work.