Honda Asks Kids to Storyboard Accord Ads -- and the Results Are Very Cute

Videos by RPA Are Staged Like a School Play

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Feb 17, 2016

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Honda turned to kids' fantasy stories for latest ads for the Accord, bringing to life its "Power of Dreams" slogan.

Agency RPA asked a four year old- and six-year-old to draw pictures and describe their drawings, and invited them to sit in the Accord driver's seat and imagine their story in the car. Their sweet and typically childish imaginings were then turned into two videos -- an underwater treasure hunt tale involving dolpins and cake, and a story about two dinosaurs rescuing a princess on Mars.

In both, the stage was designed to look like an elementary school play, with handmade props and illustrations, and the actors perform very gamely as if in a kids' show. The effect is charming and cute, and manages to convey some features of the 2016 Accord as well. The videos will be shared on social channels.