See What Macklemore Carries in His Pocket to Protect 'Dicks' and Va-jay-jays Everywhere!

And We're Not Talking about Prophylactics Here

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Nov 12, 2013

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Rap star Macklemore takes time out in the recording studio to share the special weapon he carries in his pocket to help promote women's choice to do whatever they want with their vaginas, as well as his right to say whatever it is he wants about the POTUS -- an ACLU card.

Macklemore has spoken out for civil liberties before -- just not in an ad. His song, "Same Love," won him accolades for its positive message about gay rights. The film was created out of Wexley School for Girls and directed by Wexley ECD Ian Cohen, out of Mighty Media.


Nov 12, 2013
Brand :
Client :
Agency :
Wexley School for Girls
Executive Creative Director :
Ian Cohen
Executive Creative Director :
Todd Grant
Writer :
Andre Vriesman
Writer :
Matt Kappler
Designer :
Evan Bross
Designer :
Lindell Serrin
Designer :
Derek Vander Griend
Executive Producer :
Aylin Koker
Associate Producer :
Maddy Paulino
Production Company :
Mighty Media
Director, Photography :
Brian Liepe
Editor :
Morgan Griswold
Sound Designer :
Scott Weiss
Sound Design :
Pure Audio

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