Adidas : Adipure

Less shoe is more.

Published On
Jul 31, 2012

Editor's Pick

Adidas has tapped into the trend for "minimalist" running with its latest footwear range, adipure. The range comes in three levels, to cater to runners getting used to a more "natural" stride: Motion is for beginners, Gazelle is for more advanced and the lace-less, sock-like Adapt shoe is for those who want to take the final step towards barefoot running (which has been shown by some studies to be beneficial for runners). Motion, Gazelle and Adapt will be available in mid-August for $110, $100 and $90 respectively. Assuming the brand doesn't want people to stop wearing sneakers altogether, (and perhaps counting on the fact that pounding anywhere but a clean running track or beach in bare soles is potentially hazardous), it's a smart move.