Adidas opens a ‘Newsstand of the Future’ to release its latest shoe

The pop-up shop celebrated the 50th anniversary of a 23-year-old sneaker

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Aug 09, 2019

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Adidas released its original Ozweego shoe in 1996. To unveil the latest iteration of the sneaker, Adidas Originals is jumping into the future to the year 2048 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 90’s-born shoe.

On Aug. 7, Adidas invited fans to its “Newsstand of the Future” in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, a pop-up space that allows people to experience the "future of style," according to Roger Dario, creative director at Jam3, the production agency Adidas worked with on the event.

From the outside, the newsstand looks like a typical New York bodega, although suspiciously missing a cat. It has hanging magazines, piles of snacks and a little window with a cashier peering out. But for those who step up and exchange a few words with the cashier, the door of the bodega’s refrigerator opens up and 2019 fades away. Visitors enter a room where scenes of a future New York City are projected onto LED screens. In the middle of the room sits a mysterious newspaper dispenser, and when visitors enter the code “2048,” the box opens, revealing Adidas magazines featuring the new Ozweego shoe. Inside 600 of the magazines are tickets for free Ozweego sneakers.
To get people to the event, Adidas partnered with sneaker publication Hypebeast to share the pop-up location and promoted the event on its social channels. An @adidasnyc Instagram Story had followers scratch off numbers they could then text to the company to win the location of the newsstand. Adidas also worked with a number of influencers to promote the activation a few hours ahead of its opening, and influencer twins Clayton and Chris Griggs, whose Instagram account @thegriggsbrothas has 9,150 followers, were hired to be the cashiers from the different time periods, one twin dressing in 2019 attire and the other wearing a futuristic white jumpsuit.   

The shoe, which comes in white, black and yellow, is now available in all Adidas stores and online.