C-Pop celebrities and 3D printing help Adidas relaunch its '90s classic Ozweego sneaker in China

Brand teams with fashion site Hypebeast in campaign featuring Jackson Yee and Lala Takahashi

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Aug 21, 2019

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A new spot from Adidas uses a 3D printing arm, local celebrities like C-pop idol Jackson Yee and some eye-catching VFX to relaunch its Ozweego sneaker design to the Chinese market.

Adidas teamed up with fashion website Hypebeast to promote the shoe, and Hypebeast creative director Crystal Choi directed the anthem film. It centers around the brand's familiar theme of reworking the past to create a new future. That ties in with the fact that Adidas is relaunching the Ozweego, first produced in 1998, with a more futuristic design.

In the film, a modern 3D printer replaces the traditional chisel and hammer that Jackson Yee uses to craft the new shoe, while other sequences include Adidas-clad mannequins springing to life to march alongside Asian influencer Lala Takahashi, and rapper-producer Dough-Boy, who morphs into cuboid graphics as he performs on stage.

Design and VFX studio Fin Design + Effects worked on VFX for the film, handling post production in its Sydney studio.