Adidas aims to make running more of a team sport with 'transformational' stories

Global campaign includes films set in Shanghai and Poland

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Feb 12, 2019

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Running. It's not just putting your sneakers on and jogging round the park - it can be part of something much bigger. That's what Adidas is exploring in a new global campaign showcasing what it calls "transformational" stories of running.

In one of two new long form films, a group of French runners tracks down Polish extreme running club Swords to recreate a 430 km mega-relay from Warsaw to Hel, a city on the Baltic Sea, bringing play to an activity more often associated with endurance and exhaustion. Another film shows how Shanghai’s "Trash Runners" combine social running with street cleaning to improve the city, people’s lives, and to build a movement.

Both long-form films, seen below, are showcased in the "Recode Running" trailer above, which is airing globally on YouTube. The campaign is by Amsterdam strategic consultancy Brand Articulation and its sister creative studio Lore, and the films were directed by Daniel Kaufman of Anonymous Content. Further films in the series will be released in March. 

Caio Amato, senior director brand communication for Adidas Running, says in a statement: “We want to get to the heart of the transformational nature of running. We want to celebrate how runners are pulling the sport apart and putting it back together again in different, more inspiring, and personal ways.

James Yeats Smith, creative director at Lore, adds: “People know that running is a transformative sport but brands seem to be reinforcing only one way to run -- from point A to point B. At a time when so much is becoming fluid, people are finding that running can be more social and community minded than ever before. It’s a team sport today. The stories told in these films embrace the transformative nature of the sport.”