Air Canada's holiday romance will melt your heart

The animated love story from FCB Canada captures the reunion many of us have been longing for

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Dec 10, 2021

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This week, Air Canada debuted a holiday ad guaranteed to make you put your hand on your chest and say, “Awww!” In collaboration with agency FCB Canada and animation group Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, “‘Tis the Season to Believe” tells a relatable tale for travelers sharing their first holiday together since the beginning of the pandemic. 

In the spot, a pilot—played by a real Air Canada pilot—gives her son a snow globe as a holiday present. It contains a winter scene with a snowy cabin by a frozen lake. The camera zooms in through the globe’s glass to find a claymation man gathering firewood. He sees another scene in a snow globe next to his on the mantle—a woman gathering surf gear in an oceanside setting.

Air Canada holiday

Set to a tender track by Canadian musicians Forest Blakk and Coeur de Pirate, the story follows the two clay characters as they fall in love. But the ad seems to turn tragic when they realize they’re trapped in their separate glass bubbles and likely, they'll never connect IRL.

In a touching twist, the surfer woman conjures a little holiday magic with the help of Santa Claus and the spot finishes as the two embrace in a globe together.

Air Canada holiday 2

“This year’s holiday brand spot, '"Tis the season to believe,' was inspired by the universally shared experiences and emotions felt over the course of the pandemic., but this piece is also inspired by the resilience and power of love and determination that has brought us back together,” said Andy Shibata, VP of brand at Air Canada, in a statement. “Slowly but surely, family and friends have been able to safely reunite and share beautiful moments together again, and we feel very fortunate to play a small part in their journeys back to one another.”

The spot will air in variations of different length on Air Canada’s owned channels, in Canadian cinemas, on television and digital platforms.


Dec 10, 2021
Client :
Air Canada
Agency :
Agency :
Stoopid Buddy Stoodios
Vice President Brand :
Andy Shibata
Director Brand Strategy and Content Marketing :
John Xydous
Manager Content Marketing :
Annie Couture
Annie Couture :
Maude Cadieux
President :
Bryan Kane
Chief Creative Officer :
Nancy Crimi-Lamanna
VP Strategy :
Shelagh Hartford
Account Supervisor :
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Nikki Tasos
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Justine Guilin
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Michael Morelli
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Patrick Gravel
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Adriana Laborde
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Stoopid Buddy Studios
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Someplace Nice
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Sean McBride
Kristoffer Bonnell
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Estelle Weir
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Outsider Editorial
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Licensing Arm of Grayson Music Group :
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