Air New Zealand : Kiwi Sceptics

Getting Aussies to cross the ditch.

Published On
Feb 16, 2012

Editor's Pick

Air New Zealand is running a branded content campaign to win over 'Kiwi-sceptics' - Australians who aren't convinced enough of New Zealand's charms to want to go there. Agency Host Sydney created a series of four online videos, which went live earlier this week, featuring four real-life Australian 'rejecters' of NZ and paired them with compatible Kiwi guides. As well as Martin, the Aussie Aussie featured in this film, the films follow The Hipster, Bali Girl and The Europhile. All were initially told they were travelling to other far-flung destinations to get them on the plane, but then not so pleasantly surprised with the news that they were in fact, going to New Zealand (or 'crossing the ditch', as it's known Down Under).

The campaign has a hub at where visitors can access more info on the Kiwi Sceptics as well as a range of g deals and promotions. It's also supported with online and print advertising, editorial, advertorial, cinema and social activity.