Airbnb Shines Light on Small Biz Rent Hikes With $329 Bodega Room Rental

Fictional Page Encourages Visitors to Share Selfies on Deli Bed Using #BillDeBodega

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Sep 28, 2015

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Following July's "artisanal" bodega ads (locally skimmed pond scum smoothie for $14.99, anyone?), DCX is at it again to bring awareness to a Brooklyn deli likely to go out of business due to increasing rental rates. This time, the agency's Doug Cameron and Tommy Noonan partnered with Airbnb to establish a bedroom rental located inside the deli and priced at an eyebrow-raising $329 per night.

The nightly fee is based on the new monthly price for the deli property, an astronomical $10,000, more than twice its previous rent. Called "AirBnBodega," the project aims to get Mayor de Blasio's support on the #BillDeBodega or Small Business Jobs Survival Act, which would let small businesses apply for 10-year leases.

The campaign includes a property page on Airbnb: "If you need to shower, the Dodge YMCA is only 4 blocks west and has both a public pool and showers." The property also boasts "milk crate-furnished patio facing Atlantic Ave., known for its disappearing mom and pop stores."

"Please be kind to our customers, who may be surprised to find a bedroom in our deli," the page says under "House Rules."

The page doesn't actually allow reservations, of course, but it does encourage people to take selfies at the deli bedroom and share them on social media. Donations will go toward Jesse's Deli's legal and moving costs and future marketing campaigns.


Sep 28, 2015
Agency :
DCX Growth Accelerator
Chief Creative Officer :
Doug Cameron
Executive Creative Director/Production :
Tommy Noonan
Copywriter :
Doug Cameron
Copywriter :
Tommy Noonan
Art Director :
Tommy Noonan
Creative Technologist :
Ronan Kenny
Account Director :
Patrick McCormick
Producer :
Darcy Donelan
Photography :
Elicia Castle
Publicist/Content Writer :
Erin Levi
Publicist :
Rachel Van Dolsen
Digital Strategist :
Paul Aaron

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