Fighting for Human Rights Isn't the Only Reason to Join the Military

Creative Marketer the Swedish Armed Forces Offer Up Other Interesting Motivations in Campaign From Volt

Published On
Apr 11, 2017

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The Swedish Armed Forces is inarguably one of the most creative marketers in the military category. Its previous campaigns, from DDB Stockholm have featured torturous mental acuity tests, a stunt that bordered on kidnapping and quietly clever spots that showed people more important things they could be doing with their lives.

Its latest campaign out of Volt takes an approach similar to the latter. The series of everyday scenes capture various folks going about their day, and muses about the noble motivations they may have to join the army, like fighting for freedom of expression, choice and religion.

But there are other more mundane, but perhaps equally important reasons they may want to jump in -- like getting away from your younger brother who helps himself freely to your makeup and clothes, being part of a team and finding a more peaceful place to get your homework done.

The spots were directed by Mikael Marcimain out of B-Reel films.