Fox Sports Makes Powerful Statement Against Racism During Big Pay TV Event

Broadcaster's Latam Division Uses Kids' Drawings to Deliver Bold Message

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Apr 18, 2014

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Fox Sports Latin America made a moving statement against racism during one its highest rated Pay TV events of 2014. Earlier this year, during a football match between Peruvian team Real Garcilaso and Brazil's Cruzeiro, Brazilian player Tinga became a victim of racism. During the second half of the match, every time Tinga interacted with the ball, members of the Peruvian team would make monkey-like noises.

The Peruvian team's actions drew much criticism in the media, and Fox Sports decided to take action when Peru and Brazil reunited in a subsequent game. Before the game's broadcast, Fox approached children around Brazil and gave them black and white sketches of each player, asking them to color the athletes as they perceived them. The kids adorned each portrait with a rainbow-like palette that illustrated their own "color-blindness." Fox Sports then replaced the traditional photos of players that ran during the game's broadcast with the kids' sketches to relay its own stance against racism.

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