Dress shirt startup UnTuckIt promises to fit guys with barrel chests, dadbods and more

A new in-house campaign brings a welcome bit of sophistication to the brand's messaging

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May 09, 2018

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Dress shirt purveyor UnTuckIt is poised to double its brick and mortar presence this year, to 50 stores nationwide. Along with that explosive growth comes a new campaign that begins the move away from the achingly product-focused spots the brand has relied on so far. Instead of harping on the benefits of being able to wear a shirt untucked (a stylistic choice men have been making since moments after the invention of pants), the new work emphasizes the fit.

There's a strong empowerment theme running through the new campaign, created in-house with former TBWA/Chiat/Day L.A. exec Patrick O'Neill, who now heads up his own creative practice. In the film and print ads, shirtless skinny guys, short guys, guys with barrel chests and dad bods all report that it's tough to find clothes that look good, and UnTuckIt presents couture without judgment, with no hint of the sneer that often greets men who fall outside the standard shapes.

It's a message meant to have wider appeal than the brand's eponymous selling point. As any man with a shred of fashion sense knows, the best way to find clothes that fit is to take them to a tailor. But for those without the time, money or inclination, selection is paramount. Most stores have shirts in two or three cuts for different body shapes, each available from XS to XXL. But UnTuckIt is boasting 50 sizing options, on display with men of varying shapes in states in undress.

The strategy parallels that of a new campaign from custom clothing shop Bonobos, which highlighted its 172 different sizing combinations, by featuring an array of men of different builds and complexions.

Now, if UnTuckIt could just do something about the brand's name.


May 09, 2018
Brand :
Client :
Director :
Greg DiNoto
Chief Marketing Officer :
Jennifer Olsen
Chief Creative Officer :
Patrick ONeill
Creative Director :
Ashley Rae Pearsall
Production Company :
DiNoto Inc
Photographer :
Eric Ray Davidson
Producer :
Cynthia Cohen
Content Designer :
Nancy Fuerth
Producer :
Nancy Fuerth
Print Designer :
Matt Swain

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