Pornhub Attempts to Bring XXX to the Mainstream Ad Scene

The Popular Porn Site Hired a New Creative Director. See How He Scored... the Job

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Jun 23, 2014

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Adult content platform Pornhub is trying to break into the mainstream advertising scene. Until recently, the popular porn site, which receives an average of 13 million monthly unique views, has only come close with this unaired super bowl 2013 spot. CBS purportedly cited corporate policy restrictions keeping it from running the commercial.

Earlier this year the snubbed company launched a creative director challenge on tumblr, with a simple directive: keep submissions "G-rated and 'safe for work.'" The desired outcome was to find a witty concept with a high-quality design that could inspire a campaign fit for print, digital, television and outdoor displays. Contest winners were promised a creative director title at Pornhub including a one year paid contract.

Istanbul-based copywriter Nuri Gulver took the prize with the idea above. The campaign, a play on the Beatles' classic "All You Need is Love," beat out 3,000 submissions from more than 2,000 applicants. When Gulver entered his work in March of this year, he explained his insight simply -- people need their hands for this website, if only to access it.

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