An Allen Key Sparks a Furious Hunt in This Fun Ikea Ad From Spain

A Dramatic Whodunnit From McCann and Landia

Published On
Oct 31, 2017

Editor's Pick

The discovery of an Allen key sparks a furious hunt in a fun new Ikea spot from Spain.

The spot, directed by Agustin Alberdi of Landia for McCann Spain/MRM McCann Spain, depicts a wealthy woman entertaining her friends in her elabroately decorated mansion when she finds an Allen key on the seat. Mortified at what it implies, she marches around the property accusing everyone of being the culprit. Staff, gardeners, and her moody teenage daughter all deny it. With the drama of the whodunnit intensified by the music (the "Hall of the Mountain King," which it has to be said is somewhat overused these days in ads), it's a great performance by the actress, whose expression of disdain is absolutely perfect.

Finally her husband arrives home and she asks him whether he was the one that brought Ikea furniture into the house--and he quite cheerfully admits it. The final frames identify the Ikea armchairs in the posh parlour--he's guilty as charged.