Does Dove Boost Your WiFi? 'Alternative Facts' From the Unilever Brand

Two Page Print Ads Ran in U.K. Newspapers This Weekend

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Jan 30, 2017

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Dove got cheekily political this weekend in the U.K. with a topical campaign in which, like Donald Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, it offers "alternative facts" about the brand.

Created by agency Ogilvy London, the brand ran two page ads in the "Times" and "Guardian" that offer up facts such as "New Dove antiperspirant increases your IQ by 40 points," "New Dove antiperspirant boosts your WiFi signal" and "New Dove antiperspirant will locate that lost sock from two years ago."

The statements are accompanied by the #AlternativeFacts hashtag. On the following page, appears the copy: "New Dove antiperspirant cares for your underarm skin like never before" with the hashtag #RealFacts."

Dove is not the first brand to get creative with the "alternative facts" idea -- Swedish cake brand Delicato and DDB Stockholm unveiled a print ad on a similar theme last week. However, the brand and agency were at pains to play down the political angle, describing the work as a "playful" and "light hearted" way of reminding women that they have "always been champions of realness, authenticity and truth."

Dede Laurentino, global executive creative director for Unilever at Ogilvy, said in a statement: "Dove has always been in tune with what's going on in the world. This is no exception. We were able to tap into a current topic in a playful way. And the Dove Deo team was quick to respond, as brands should these days. And, judging from the overwhelmingly positive reaction we got in social media it seems we hit the right note."

Kathryn Swallow, global brand vice president Dove Deo at Unilever, said: "Dove Deo is a brand all about bringing superior care to underarms, and our ambition has always been to remain relevant, insightful and bold throughout all of our communication. Connecting our brand and product message with our consumers in a meaningful way has remained at the forefront of our messaging -- #RealFacts is a nod to achieving this ambition in a topical and light-hearted way".