Confused by This Year in Review Compilation? You Should Be

Poignant Dutch Film Shows the Jumbled Memories of Alzheimer's Sufferers

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Dec 16, 2014

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The Year in Review compilation video has become a staple of the YouTube age -- so far this year, we've seen efforts from the likes of Google, Spotify and YouTube itself. But in this clever video, the Dutch Alzheimer's Foundation (Alzheimer Nederland) shows what a year's memories are like if you're suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.

It purports to be a review of 2014, but as you watch clips of Prince William's wedding, Hurricane Katrina and more, it soon becomes clear that the memories are jumbled. There are even some controversial moments -- Lance Armstrong winning the Tour de France and Oscar Pistorius at the Olympics -- that make it particularly poignant. Amsterdam agency N=5 created the campaign.


Dec 16, 2014
Alzheimer Nederland
Alzheimer Nederland
Creative Director:
Lukas van de Ven
Art Director:
Ed van Bennekom
Jasper Diks
Vincent Seeber

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