You Can Now Use Amazon Alexa to Unlock and Turn on Hyundai's Genesis

Drivers Can Use Voice Commands to Lock or Unlock Car, Set Temperature, Honk Horn

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Aug 18, 2016

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Genesis, Hyundai's new luxury division, today said it will be the first company to allow users to control a variety of car functions remotely using Amazon Alexa voice commands.

An increasing number of automakers have smartphone connectivity to their vehicles. But the Genesis technology is new to the auto industry because it pulls in a third party -- Amazon -- allowing yet another means of connecting to and controlling a vehicle's functions.

Available on the Genesis G80 now and on the G90 when it goes on sale in several weeks, the setup will use Amazon's wireless devices in the home -- the AmazonEcho, Echo Dot and Tap -- to do things like lock or unlock the car, turn on the vehicle and set the temperature or honk the horn.

The Amazon devices use a voice command system called Alexa that can perform a variety of web-enabled tasks -- as outlined by Alec Baldwin's Super Bowl ads -- such as stream music, order items from, read the weather or news and order an Uber ride or a pizza.

The Genesis tie-in will be free to use and the automaker will provide buyers with an Amazon gift card to be used to purchase an Alexa-enabled device.

Genesis' system does not connect from the car to the house -- so using commands within the car to turn on a home's connected lights or garage door -- isn't yet possible.

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David Undercoffler is a reporter for Automotive News, Ad Age and Creativity's sibling publication.


Aug 18, 2016

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