Amazon Teams Up With Jeremy Clarkson to Show Off Its Newest Delivery Drone Prototype

Former 'Top Gear' Presenter Plugs the Latest Advancements in Flying Packages

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Nov 30, 2015

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Having signed former "Top Gear" presenter Jeremy Clarkson to a development deal -- in the wake of his controversial exit from the BBC -- Amazon is showing him off by having him enthuse about its continuing experiments in delivering packages by drone.

"This is a story from the not-too-distant future," he says at the start of this short video while standing in a spacious suburban kitchen. In the background, a middle-class family is shown coping with its version of privation: a destroyed soccer shoe (stupid pooch!) that must be replaced quickly to satisfy a little girl. From the looks of her, it's unclear if she can wait even a second for new shoes -- that's how distraught she seems.

But through the theoretical miracle of Amazon Prime Air delivery, Mr. Clarkson suggests, she'll be able to get near-instant gratification -- a new pair of soccer shoes within 30 minutes.

Beyond the wry presence of Mr. Clarkson, what makes this Prime Air plug more compelling than what we've seen before is some rather nice footage of a next-generation Amazon drone doing its job, complete with an "ACTUAL FLIGHT FOOTAGE / NOT SIMULATED" label. The way the drone gently delivers its emergency soccer-shoe delivery to the family's lovely backyard? Poetry in motion (unless you're a UPS driver contemplating your obsolescence).

It's worth noting that the top viewer comment on the YouTube version of this video right now is "I get the feeling that any crime-ridden area of a city or ghettoesque location will somehow be not available for delivery."

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