Bud Highlights Immigrants' Contribution to America in Branded Content Film

Documentary Filmed in Pacific Northwest Looks at People Shaping the U.S.

Published On
Jul 31, 2017

Editor's Pick

Following on from this year's Super Bowl ad, in which it told the story of the brand's German immigrant founder, Budweiser continues to look at the contribution immigrants make to American society in a new piece of branded content.

The docu-film, by Seattle creative agency PB&, homes in on the idea of individuals coming to America to do what they love. Filmmaker Tony Fulgham takes a road trip around the Pacific Northwest and meets and interviews three local people: Thai chef Nong Poonsukwattana, who started her own food cart then restaurant, guitar player Ayron Jones who was born in Seattle but speaks about his ancestors' immigrant status and British ecologist Chris Morgan, who works with grizzly bears in the North Cascades area.

The film ends with the tagline #America is in your hands, and while it doesn't overtly talk about the benefits of immigration, the message is pretty clear, given the current political climate.

Elsewhere, in going in search of the people shaping America, the project also reminds us somewhat of the recent Chevrolet film in which directors spent a month traveling across Canada to capture the "Canadian Dream."