Martin Sheen and Bill Pullman Reprise Their Presidential Roles in Election-Themed Chrysler Campaign

POTUSes Josiah Bartlett and Thomas J. Whitmore Star in 'Premium to the People' Campaign

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Feb 17, 2016

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Martin Sheen and Bill Pullman reprise their roles as president of the United States in the new "Premium to the People" election-themed campaign from Chrylser, via Wieden & Kennedy Portland.

Sheen returns as President Josiah Bartlett from Warner Brothers' acclaimed series "The West Wing," and Pullman once again portrays President Thomas J. Whitmore from "Independence Day," whom he'll play again in the film's sequel this summer. The two appear in a pair of spots, where they happen upon each other on the road, driving Chrysler 200 and 300 models.

In one ad, "American-est," President Bartlett goads President Whitmore into a star-spangled face-off about who out-Americans whom, while managing to showcase the various features of his car.

In a second commercial, the POTUSes poke fun at election season and how during the primaries, the candidates starts pandering toward the "nuts on the political fringe" but when the general election comes around, they start "swerving" back toward the middle -- "so blind spot monitoring and collision warning systems keep you from crashing your campaign."

More spots featuring the fictional presidents will debut in the coming months. The campaign will also feature print, online, social and digital extensions.

"'Premium to the People' conveys the state-of-the-art technology, key safety features, high-grade interiors and beautiful design while staying consistent with the Chrysler brand's overarching message brought forward since 'Imported from Detroit,' " said Olivier Francois, chief marketing officer, FCA Global, in a statement. "We salute hard-working American men and women, and believe they have the right to drive a car they can feel proud to have in their driveway."