A Method Actor Reveals His True Motivation in McDonald's Spot Parodying Movie Classics

Campaign Promotes 'American Summer' Menu in France

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Aug 18, 2016

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To promote its "American Summer" menu, McDonald's in France is parodying classic American movies in a humorous spot that features a pretentious French method actor revealing just what it is that makes him so convincing.

In each film set -- a shark movie, a love scene and a shipwreck epic -- he's actually fixated on a burger. For instance, in a "Jaws"-like scene, he's screaming because someone's eating a burger that's just out of reach, and in the shipwreck scene, someone is dangling a burger just above his head. The spot is by TBWA/Paris and directed by Ben Gregor of Moonwalk Films, who last month helmed another funny McDonald's spot parodying the movie "Gravity" for the agency, with a similar theme.