Word Nerds, Scrabble's Back With a Touching Holiday Tale

Mattel Brand Picks Up Where Love Story Left Off

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Dec 10, 2015

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Back in May, Scrabble and Spanish agency Lola created a touching love story for word nerds that followed the evolution of a couple's relationship through a series of clever anagrams. For the holidays, they bring back the conceit in another moving tale that unscrambles negative words into something more positive.

The spot features a series of "antigrams," words that when re-mixed become the opposite (of sorts) of their orignal. In the opening scene, for example, a man encounters a stray dog and the word "violence" appears on screen but then regroups to become "nice love" just as he decides to bring the pup home. In another scene, a mother fusses over a pot on the stove and the word "fluster" appears, but as her daughter takes a whiff of her cooking, the letters shift to become "restful."

"After Anagram Lovers connected so well with people, we knew we had to do something even better," said Lola ECD Pancho Cassis in a statement. "Stepping up from anagrams to antigrams, gave us the opportunity to build on the brand philosophy and create something really special for Christmas."

"'Anagram Christmas' tells a compelling story that has Scrabble´s greatest element at the heart of it, words," added Tharyn Estevez, Mattel's marketing director girls, games and outdoors Euromea. "It is a beautiful illustration of our brand belief that there is magic in words."

The beautiful follow-up was directed by Marcal Flores of Canada.