Anomaly is hiring AI’s for its summer intern program, but isn’t ditching the humans just yet

‘We are obsessed with exploring the limits of AI,’ the agency says in announcing tweaks to its traditional intern program

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Mar 28, 2023
Two human interns and an AI intern at an office desk

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Looking forward to a “Summer of AI,” Anomaly says it’s altering its well-regarded summer internship program to include as many talented AI’s as possible.

A LinkedIn post on Monday gave a taste of what to expect. “We are obsessed with exploring the limits of AI, integrating it into every aspect of our practice. Every brief. Every project. Every meeting. All Summer Long,” the agency wrote.

If the post felt (as one commenter suggested) a bit like an early April Fools’ prank, well, have a look at this video, which dropped Tuesday morning and explains more:


So, yeah, it’s all a playful stunt—AI simply stands for “Anomaly Interns.” But AI will indeed be woven into this summer’s intern experience at Anomly—and even into the application process itself.

The application site, which is now live, guides visitors through 12 questions. Upon submitting their answers, applicants will receive a message confirming receipt along with an AI-generated, one-of-a-kind image based on their responses. The experience was crafted by Chris Neff, Anomaly’s global head of emerging experience and technology, and the team at Buoy Studio.

Here are three sample images:

AI-generated images of dogs, a woman and futuristic fighters with Anomaly's "A" logo on top

“Anomaly has always seen creativity as a powerful force that far exceeds any traditional models or channels,” said Franke Rodriguez, partner and CEO of Anomaly New York and Toronto. “This particular creative expression of our internship application program carries the same goal as always: to land the most progressive, diverse and curious interns who align with Anomaly’s change-agent mission. It’s equal parts dumb and ingenious.”

“My primary goal is to help immerse both our teams and clients in the breadth of readily and rapidly evolving technologies at our disposal,” added Neff. “At Anomaly, we have strong and progressive views on the future of the industry at this exciting inflection point. To best serve our clients and make groundbreaking work, emerging tech, like anything else, gets utilized by everyone at the agency, including interns.” 

The deadline to apply for an internship is April 10.


Mar 28, 2023
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