Is There Anything This Devoted Dad Wouldn't Do for His Daughter?

Australian Spot for McDonald's Is Set to a Meatloaf Classic

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Apr 12, 2016

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This funny and heartwarming commercial from McDonald's Australia is set to the Meatloaf classic "Anything for Love" and tells the story of a Dad who's unexpectedly (it seems) thrown into fatherhood.

After being informed by his girlfriend that she's pregnant, he's forced to swap his life of motorbikes, beer and hanging out with the guys for pushing a buggy, warming up baby milk and entertaining little girls at parties. (It's not clear whether his partner has left him, or whether he's a stay-at-home Dad -- but it really doesn't matter for the purposes of the spot). It's extremely cute, with some funny and all-too-recognisable scenes of father-daughter moments as his baby grows up; a scene where she stands on his head in the swimming pool is one of the best.

As we build up to the iconic "But I won't do that" moment of the song, we're wondering if (unlike with Meatloaf) we'll actually find out what it is he wouldn't do. Turns out it's eating a chicken nugget at McDonald's -- but wait, it's OK, because the fast food chain now offers "grown-up tastes." It's all part of an ongoing campaign by DDB Sydney for McDonald's taglined "How very Un-McDonald's.

The spot was directed by Noah Marshall of The Sweet Shop, who said in a statement: "The thing that really got me on this project was the true insight that most parents willingly sacrifice a ton of stuff as they raise their kids. The biggest challenge for me was getting my head into the head of a "girl dad" as I have three boys, but I had plenty of mates to share their stories which made for an amusing research process."