Sour Milk in Your Vajayjay Is One of the Myths Debunked in This Funny Pharmacy Campaign

Sweden's Apotek Hjartat Copied 'React to' Videos on YouTube

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Jun 14, 2017

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You can find all kind of weird and wonderful health remedies on the internet (as well as places like Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop conference).

Swedish pharmacy chain Apotek Hjartat takes the opportunity to debunk some of wilder of these theories in a new campaign in which it filmed real pharmacists assessing them, in the same format as the currently popular YouTube "react to" videos. Agency Wenderfalck found some of the craziest remedies on the web, including, as seen here, putting sour milk in your vagina to restore your PH balance, curing constipation with soap on a toothpick and smearing your feet in all all-purpose cleaner as foot cream.

The aim of the campaign is, of course, to remind people to go to their pharmacy for advice -- not Google.