Sit Back as Jony Ive Seduces You Into Wanting an Apple Watch

Apple's Senior VP-Design Narrates an Apple Watch Porn Video

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Sep 09, 2014

Editor's Pick

Did you watch the whole livestream of Apple's big Apple Watch announcement today? Of course not -- you have a job.

Fortunately, Apple has since posted this Apple Watch video to catch you up. It's gorgeous, as you'd expect, but what arguably puts it over the top is the narration -- somehow both soothing and quietly forceful -- by none other than Jonathan "Jony" Ive, Senior VP-Design at Apple.

Brace yourself. Jony Ive is about to seduce you into wanting an Apple Watch.

P.S. Ad Age's Mark Bergen has a full report on everything Apple showed off today: "Apple Introduces Apple Watch, Bigger iPhones, Digital Wallet"