Tim Cook Narrates 'Better,' Apple's New Sustainability-Focused Spot

Company Has Introduced an Environment-Focused Section on its Website

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Apr 21, 2014

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Apple is pushing environmental concerns, via a new section on its site, and a new ad, narrated by CEO Tim Cook himself. Titled "Better," the two-minute video opens on a shot of the sun rising on a bunch of solar panels. Then, it dips down into the building beneath those panels, which is an Apple factory making iPhones. Being "better" is in Apple's DNA, and it can't be better unless you do more for the environment, from better packaging to better product designs to an effort to keep products out of landfills. "Now, more than every we will work to leave the world better than we found it."

A letter on the company's site, signed by VP of Environmental Initiatives Lisa Jackson (who used to be the administrator of the EPA), categorically states that climate change is a "very real problem," and that Apple feels responsible to consider everything they do to reduce its environmental impact. The company, she says, has reduced the total power consumed by Apple products by 57% since 2008.

According to a Wired article published today about Apple's carbon footprint, the company is close to its goal of powering its facilities by renewable energy, 100%. Currently, its data centers and campuses are at 94%. It wants to do the same for its retail stores, the article said.