Apple's 'Shot on iPhone' campaign celebrates Ramadan and Eid with a focus on reflection

The brand commissioned local photographers for TV and outdoor ads running in the Middle East

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May 22, 2019

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Apple is celebrating Ramadan and Eid this year with its "Shot on iPhone" campaign, in ads running across the UAE and Middle East that focus on the themes of "finding balance" and self-reflection.

Via agency TBWA/Media Arts Lab London, the brand teamed up with two local photographers to capture the essence of Ramadan: Ola Allouz, a professional photographer born and raised in Dubai, and Mansour AlSofi, a passionate amateur photographer based in Saudi Arabia.

Each photographer utilized the Smart HDR photo and 4K video capabilities of the iPhone XS. Films, outdoor and digital ads shot in the region focus on Ramadan as a time for reflection and connecting with friends and family. They also highlight specific iPhone features that help users find balance in their own lives, such as "Do Not Disturb" and the Health app.