Apple turns the world into a surreal playground in ads for the Series 6 Watch

Ian Pons Jewell directs trio of spots promoting the device's sleep, workout and ECG functions

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Feb 23, 2021

Editor's Pick

Apple brings a surreal touch to a trio of spots promoting some of the health innovations of the Apple Watch Series 6. 

The ads highlight sleep, fitness and ECG monitoring. In the sleep ad, a drowsy-sounding woman explains how the Apple Watch helps her unwind by setting a bedtime reminder, dimming her lights and helping to create an environment conducive to rest. We then see her descend into a dreamscape as the room melts away and she continues to explain how it checks her heart rate and blood oxygen while she's asleep. 

The fitness ad starts in a pool, where a woman swimming underwater explains the benefits of the workout app, how it charts how many laps she's done and how many calories burnt. As she swims to the surface, she emerges in the ocean, telling us how it even does this in open water.

The third ad sees a man explaining the benefits of the ECG function: that it can take a reading any time, whatever you might be doing. He explains this as he's playing chess, watching tennis, getting his teeth checked at the dentist and even in a fishing boat on a remote river.

All the spots were directed by Ian Pons Jewell of Reset, who brings a slick and high-end touch to what could have been a functional product campaign.