The iPhone 11 is your key to taking on the world in Apple's high-energy spot

Ad that dropped during annual event makes an action story out of the every day

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Sep 11, 2019

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Apple just unveiled its latest slew of wares, making that gadget you bought a few months ago feel very outdated. Take, for example, the iPhone. Remember when Animoji and Portrait Mode were cool? Now, with the iPhone 11, there are dual cameras! Night mode! Water resistance for 30 minutes and up to 2 meters!

The brand showed off those new features and more in a high-energy spot directed by Kim Gehrig of Somesuch.

The ad depicts the latest device as a companion to help you take on the world, illustrating the features in fast-paced, energetic scenes set to "Brazooka" by NVDES. While it withstands everyday calamities such as clumsy cats, coffee spills and purse jostling, its new photography features help you capture impromptu ultra-wide photos of your loved ones, take slo-mo selfies, better night-time shots and more. The film also plugs the phone's improved facial recognition—it'll recognize your mug from all sorts of angles in a blink--while you're working out,  prepping dinner and more. It also gives a nod to gamers, promoting the "fastest chip in a smartphone."

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