Apple : Introducing the iPhone 5

Worship me, says new iPhone.

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Sep 12, 2012

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Get your craving on. Apple has finally unveiled the details about the new iPhone, which isn't called the new iPhone at all but the iPhone 5.

It's fast (it uses the company's new A6 chip), thin (about 18% thinner and 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S) and has a gorgeously large screen to match. Apple CEO Tim Cook presented the new phone, along with a host of other new Apple creations (like these awesome earbuds and a new iOS6) at an event in San Francisco earlier Wednesday. There's also a new app, Passbook, which acts as a digital wallet to hold your coupons, store cards and passes, which promises to be useful, but is not NFC-enabled, so you can't pay for things on the go.

The rumor mill was spot-on about a few things. The phone has 4G-LTE connectivity, so your cat videos download as fast as they do on your home broadband, and it also doesn't have that 30-pin charging connection. Instead, it boasts "Lightning," a smaller, eight-pin connector. The phone also ditches Google Maps (no more public transport directions!) in favor of Apple's own Maps product. Siri is also updated. She can now launch apps (seriously, why did this take a year?) and post to Facebook.