The iPad Air 2 Multitasks in Lively New Apple Ad

The Tablet's a Part of Every Day for Work and Play

Published On
Dec 08, 2014

Editor's Pick

TBWA Media Arts Lab and Apple's in-house creative team show what "multi-purpose" means when you're an iPad owner in this new spot for the iPad Air 2. Backed by The Orwells' track "Who Needs You," the commercial presents various scenes of creative types, including chocolate makers The Mast Brothers, construction workers and classroom kids using apps such as AutoCad 360, iStop Motion and Post-It Plus for their projects. Framing the action are letterbox bars that grow thicker throughout the spot, ultimately squeezing the content into a thin slice resembling the profile of the iPad. "Change is in the Air," the tag reads. Apple's dedicated page dives deeper into the tablet and apps from the ad.

The idea plays out in similar fashion to a spot from earlier this year promoting the iPhone, featuring a cover of the Pixies' track "Powerful."