Happy Birthday, Mac: Apple Releases Lookback Film

Site Featuring People Who Used Mac to Make a Difference Accompanies Film

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Jan 24, 2014

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In 1984, computing did an about-face, when Apple released the Macintosh -- a device that completely changed our perceptions of what a computer should be. Moving away from stodgy mainframes and giant, ugly interfaces, Mac put tech in everyday people's hands. To celebrate the anniversary, the company released a new online film that collects opinions from creative and tech luminaries -- from former MIT professor and RISD President John Maeda, to musicians Hans Zimmer and Moby. The interviewees discuss how the Mac changed their lives and how it continues to influence their work and creativity today.

Accompanying the film is a beautifully designed, quintessentially Apple site that features a timeline celebrating the many Mac pioneers shown in the film. Besides those mentioned above, there's artist April Greiman (who appreciated how the computer helped her to create digital art) and typographer Ahn Sang-Soo, who designed a Korean alphabet font to spark a movement among artists and storytellers.

This year also marks the 30th anniversary of Apple's seminal Super Bowl spot, "1984." See a history of how the spot came about, including an interview with its creator, ad legend Lee Clow, here. All of this of course, will continue to fuel rumors that Apple is set to make a return to the Big Game this year, which will be played Feb. 2.