It's All-Out Sticker War in Apple's Fun iPhone Spot

Messaging Gets a Real-Life Dramatization

Published On
Mar 13, 2017

Editor's Pick

Apple is promoting stickers in its latest "Practically Magic" campaign spot for iPhone 7, and it does so with a fun spot in which, rather than using them for messaging on their phones, people go round slapping them on each other in real life.

The ad begins with a guy showing a girl that he likes her by sticking a giant heart label on her shoulder. When she answers with a thumbs down emblem in return, a city-wide sticker battle kicks off -- including a glorious "food" fight in a diner, and a whole bus line of sticker-strewn commuters. All the while, we're treated to the iPhone's array of fun, animated labels, which include characters like Cookie Monster, South Park's Cartman and Minnie Mouse. The energetic spot is set to Monks' "Boys are Boys and Girls are Choice."