Apple Watch turns a 'lazy' summer into a season of super fitness

Pulse's Oscar Hudson directs ad showcasing different activities you can monitor

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Jul 29, 2021

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Apple goes to the limits to showcase the different health and fitness activities Watch Series 6 users can monitor. 

The brand's playful new ad, "Hello Sunshine," begins with a young woman lazily lying in a summery meadow. She declares, "This summer, all I want to do is relax," but the story takes a surprising turn.

She goes on to add some other activities to her regime. She throws in running, swimming, dancing, rock climbing, and more—all of which can be monitored on the Apple Watch. She keeps adding new activities, her goals getting more ambitious—like flipping an enormous tire, hiking to the top of a giant mountain and becoming a Grand Master in Taekwondo.

The final scene is a fast and fun montage depicting the woman at a superhuman level of fitness. The spot ends with the words "The future of health is on your wrist."

Like other recent Apple Watch work, including its September 2020 spot featuring the voice of a frustrated Helena Bonham-Carter, the film manages to promote its product messages with an entertaining script and superior craft.  The spot was directed by Pulse's Oscar Hudson (who was also behind the brand's whimsical AirPods' "Bounce" ad), editing was out of Exile and post-production via Framestore.


Jul 29, 2021
Client :
Apple Watch
Director :
Oscar Hudson
Director :
Oscar Hudson
President / Executive Producer :
Davud Karbassioun
Managing Director :
Hillary Rogers
Head of Production :
Nick Fuller
Producer :
James Graves
Director of Photography :
Adam Newport-Berra
Production Designer :
Adam Wilson
Post Production :
Executive Producer :
Pete King
Producer :
Chris Harlowe
VFX Supervisor :
Michael Ralla
VFX Supervisor :
Chris Eckardt
Head of 3D :
Christian Nielson
Edit :
Editor :
Shane Reid
Producer :
CL Kumpata
Sound :
Sound Engineer :
Sam Ashwell

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