Jose Cuervo : Are You Ready to Have a Story

Dante Ariola Directs 'Have a Story'

Published On
Aug 06, 2013

Editor's Pick

"Have a Cuervo." Thus begins the monologue of advertising's favorite stud of the moment, Kiefer Sutherland, in this new spot for Jose Cuervo tequila, created out of McCann New York. Directed by Dante Ariola out of MJZ, the lighthearted ad starts with the "24" star sliding a just-poured shot of tequila down the bar, towards the camera, as he encourages viewers to make a story out of their lives -- have some friends over, have an adventure, or have an audience. Throughout, his prescriptives pepper a series of quick-cut scenes of Mr. Sutherland in some peculiar scenarios. Yet he retains that cool previously seen in spots for Axe and Acer. Finally, he issues a word of caution: "Have a second thought," he says, just before he abandoning a fight with a man much bigger than him.

The 60-second film was first teased with a cryptic spot on YouTube in late July. McCann's Mat Bisher writes online that if people responded with the hashtag, #cuervostory, they were rewarded with a link to the full spot.