Marks & Spencer Holiday Spot Is a Showstopper, Not a Story

Partying, Glitterballs and 'Uptown Funk'

Published On
Nov 06, 2015

Editor's Pick

British retailer Marks & Spencer has gone for a different approach to Christmas advertising this year, with a showstopper of an ad that's all about partying, surprise and spectacle, in contrast to last year's storytelling effort that featured fairies.

Following the style of its recent fashion and food ads, which carried the tagline "The Art Of", this commercial is styled "The Art of Christmas" and features strutting fashion models, giant glitterballs and oversized gift-wrapped boxes, as well as some cute kids jumping excitedly around. It's all set to the soundtrack of Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk," which has featured in previous M&S ads, and while it's spectacular, it certainly isn't as memorable as M&S's previous offerings, or those of some its rival retailers (it was released hours after rival John Lewis's tearjerker about the "Man in the Moon." )

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