Cezanne vs. Graf: AICP's Call for Entries Makes Ridiculous Comparisons Between Ad and Art Legends

One Thing's for Sure: They're All in the MoMA

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Feb 21, 2017

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For its 2017 Call for Entries campaign, "Art vs. Advertising," the AICP sees "uncanny" parallels between legends of the ad industry and icons of the art world.

For example, while Vincent Van Gogh turned to the color yellow for many of his most notable pieces, FCB Global Chief Creative Officer Susan Credle said the "writing for the yellow M&M's character was a lot of fun, because he was such a goofball." Paul Cezanne's "often repetitive exploratory brushstrokes are highly characteristic and clearly recognizable," while Barton F. Graf founder "Gerry Graf's use of disembodied floating heads is instantly recognizable" and the work of both Jeff Koons and Fallon Minnapolis Chief Creative Officer Jeff Kling is "colorful" and "seen and enjoyed by millions," Kling himself says.

Whether or not you agree with the comparisons, one thing that's certain is that work of all aforementioned greats is part of the permanent collection of New York's Museum of Modern Art, which serves as home to all AICP winners. The ads encourage creatives to "enter now, and find out which modern artist is as talented as you."

R/GA Global Chief Creative Officer Nick Law, who will serve as 2017 AICP Next Awards Judging Chair, and R/GA ECD Jay Zasa were behind the campaign's concept, with contributions from R/GA Creative Directors Mike Donaghey and Chis Joakim. Ms. Credle and Messrs. Graf and Kling wrote the scripts for their respective films.

March 3, 2017 is the deadline to enter the AICP Awards. The AICP Show and AICP Next Awards will be held during AICP Week, from June 5th - June 7th.