Exploding Sheep and Dancing Pins: Fashion Gets Artistic in M&S Fall Clothing Ad

British Retailer Shows Off Clothing From a Different Perspective

Published On
Sep 03, 2015

Editor's Pick

British retailer Marks & Spencer has done some visually appealing things with food advertising recently, and in this new Fall fashion ad out of RKCR/Y&R, it appears to be trying to apply the same stylish, highly choreographed technique to its clothing range.

This spot, directed by Sam Brown of Rogue, isn't just about models posing in its latest fashions: a woolly sheep gets explosively shorn to illustrate the softness of wool, paint splashes onto coats to demonstrate color, and there are dancing pins, unravelling cotton reels and more to grab your attention and emphasize the materials and craftsmanship that go into the brand's clothing. There's also some fun with perspectives, and just as with the foodie ads, it's set to a dance soundtrack. The ad ends with the words "Only one store does it like this."